The Future of Health Coaching

Flower Energetics, Health Coaching and Working With Trauma: A Conversation with Dina Saalisi

August 1, 2018

Health Coaching, Affirmations and Flower Essence Therapy are integrated within Dina’s method of Flower Energetics. This unique combination provides an effective and proven approach that she skilfully applies in her work with trauma. Join Dina in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg and learn how health coaching supports the healing work of trauma therapy.

Dina Saalisi trained as a flower essence practitioner with the Bach Foundation and the Flower Essence Society and holds international certification as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner(BRFP). She is certified in Narrative Health Coaching from Teleosis Institute. By combining these powerful healing modalities, her intention is to inspire others to create deeper self-awareness, reframe challenges and master new skills leading to growth and healing. As well as seeing clients in her private practice, she leads classes and workshops on Flower Energetics and healing trauma.

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