The Future of Health Coaching

Using Body Language to Build Deeper Trust and Get More Clients

September 6, 2018

How does your body effect the way you interact with clients? With potential clients? In what ways are you able to set positive intentions, just by connecting inside? Dylan Nescomb’s UZAZU method allows you to make distinctions as to how to truly connect with ourselves and with others — through our bodies our breath, and our voice. Join Dylan Newcomb with Dr. Kreisberg as they explore the body language art of UZAZU for a better understanding of the mind-body connection. With these skills coaches are able to better access their ability to attract more client.


Dylan Newcomb is a mind-body-based trainer, researcher and coach who helps conscious entrepreneurs and cultural creatives more deeply clarify and joyfully manifest their life’s purpose & vision by empowering them to tap into the wisdom and power of their own body-mind connection.
Dylan is the founder and director of the UZAZU Mind-Body Method, a powerful, research-based mind-body practice that uses breath, movement and mental imagery to quickly stimulate a balanced spectrum of 8 core mental-emotional-physical states. With a strong emphasis on “practical application,” UZAZU teaches you how to quickly stimulate and experience each of your 8 core positive states AND how to effectively apply the inherent power of each state to more ease-fully thrive in different key life contexts such as productivity, energy optimization, social intelligence, business interactions & presentations, personal visioning and intimate relationship.

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