Medical Coaching: Changing the Way We Define Sickness, Healing, and Medicine with Shiri Ben-Arzi

January 1, 2018

Medical coaching is unique in its ability to help clients cope with trauma, illness or injury while continuing conventional medical care. Join Shiri Ben Arzi in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg as they explore the way medical coaching broadens the experience of illness and treatment to include meaning and self-fulfillment.


Bio: Shiri is a Medical Coach, Coaching supervisor, workshop facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, TLT Master Practitioner and international lecturer. She is the Founder and co-CEO of MCI – Medical Coaching Institute and is a Medical Coaching Master Trainer. Although diagnosed with a rare chronic illness in 1999, and told she had a low chance of survival, her personal and professional achievements until now are proof that there is always a choice – for the patient, the medical team and everyone surrounding them. MCI’s vision is to facilitate this change in the medical system through coaching and teaching relevant aspects of healing and empowerment.


No Bridge Too Far: What Patients Wish Their Caregivers Knew with Joanna Burgess BSN

December 4, 2017

A Narrative Health Coach works as a bridge between where a client or patient is and where he or she would like to be. Because of her depth of experience as both patient and practitioner, Joanna Burgess has worked for years as a bridge between the worlds of patients and those of the medical and scientific communities. Join Joanna in her deeply personal and powerful conversation with Reggie Marra.


Joanna Burgess, BSN, RN, CWOCN embraces a continually diversifying career, ranging from pediatrics at Duke University Medical Center to enjoying a private practice in the holistic modalities of massage and healing touch therapy, to establishing a clinic for the treatment of lymphedema in Chapel Hill, NC, to working with geriatrics at WakeMed in Cary, NC as a wound and ostomy nurse. Diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1965 and despite grueling medical treatments throughout her growing years, Joanna always knew she wanted to be a nurse and give back to patients in a kind and gentle way. She was honored to be the national recipient of the Great Comebacks Award in 2011. This program recognizes individuals who have overcome bowel or bladder disease resulting in ostomy surgery, and who have been inspirational both in their personal lives and in what they have given to their communities. Joanna has shared her story on state, national and international levels.


Becoming a Behavioral Change Specialist: The Clinical Health Coaching Model with William K. Appelgate, PhD, CPC

November 1, 2017

Clinical Health Coaching® has emerged as one of the most successful change models in healthcare today. Based on four breakthrough ideas: patients are an underutilized resource, most healthcare occurs outside the providers office, most care is self-care and patients can be a become accountable, Clinical Health Coaching® has a proven track record in effectively partner with patients to achieve lasting health outcomes. Join Dr. Applegate in conversation with Dr. Joel Kreisberg.


Dr. Applegate is currently serves as Executive Director of the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium and President/CEO of the Clinical Health Coach® which has trained more than 2,500 health coaches in 43 states. His previous professional work has included service as a director of a university research center, a college foundation director, a community college president, a C.E.O. of two comprehensive and innovative, healthcare organizations, in Wisconsin and Iowa. For 10 years he served as a faculty member and Vice President of Des Moines University and founded the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium and the Clinical Health Coach® trainings.


Body-Centered Coaching- Enhancing the Mind’s Decisions with the Body’s Wisdom

October 5, 2017

Know anything about Body-Centered Coaching? Join Pat Hinton Walker in her conversation with Reggie Marra as they explore how to the story of your body provides a powerful tool for enhancing client healing.


Patricia Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, PCC, CBCC is an accomplished coach and ICF Coach Trainer at MentorCoach LLC, Bethesda, MD.      She provides leadership for the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification program at MentorCoach which is an ICF, ACTP program. Pat  is one of the few approved, certified Body-Centered Coach Trainers who integrates this content into health and wellness coaching.

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Mindfulness and Coaching: Leveraging Emerging Neuroscience to Create Change with Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD

August 31, 2017

Ready to learn new information about using Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Coaching together to create lasting change and wellness? Find out more as we speak with Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD.


Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD is the Director of Vanderbilt Health Coaching: Research, Practice & Education through the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. Ruth is also an Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with a secondary appointment in Psychiatry at Vanderbilt School of Medicine. She is a clinical health psychologist with 22 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating behavior change programs for medical patients and those at risk for chronic disease.


Reframing Illness with Stephanie Weaver

August 1, 2017

Stephanie Weaver has a powerful message to teach us. Join Stephanie in a wide-ranging conversation with Reggie Marra exploring the significance of deliberate word choice in healing and wellness.


Stephanie has reframed her own health through diet and lifestyle change eight times, and has dealt with illnesses ranging from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to spinal fusion surgery. She deals with the issue of language in her latest book, The Migraine Relief Plan, and while migraine headaches are the focus of her book, her work framing lifestyle change is applicable to anyone dealing with illness.


Deepening the Commitment: Integrative Health Coaching and Personal Growth with Karen Lawson

July 6, 2017

Karen Lawson, MD, ABIHM, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota’s Family Medicine and Community Health, is Director of Integrative Health Coaching at the Center for Spirituality and Healing ( She is a physician, board-certified in both Family Medicine, and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She was the 2003/5 President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a founding Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Non-medical trainings have included mind-body techniques (e.g. MBSR), yoga, dance/movement therapies, nutrition, homeopathy, and a 20-year study of shamanic practices. Dr. Lawson is active in undergraduate and graduate medical education; teaches in the Center’s graduate courses; and founded and directs the MA and graduate certificate programs in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching. Karen is a co-founder and executive leader of the National Team for Standards, Certification & Research for Professional Health & Wellness Coaches ( )


Why Motivational Interviewing: A Conversation with Jody Hereford

June 1, 2017

Join Jody Hereford and Dr. Joel Kreisberg for a fascinating conversation on furthering the understanding of Motivational Interviewing and how it can effect change when combined with Health Coaching.


Jody found her passion when first introduced to health coaching and has deepened that passion through the practice of Motivational Interviewing. She’s been fortunate to learn and practice her passion within many roles and organizations. She is the Principal of Hereford Consulting Group. www.jodyhereford.comJody Hereford is a Registered Nurse, exercise physiologist and coach with a passion for creating health and care in individual lives, and within organizations and populations.

Jody is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and a Past President and Master Fellow of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). In her free time, Jody can be found exploring and enjoying the Colorado high country with her Golden Retriever Therapy Dog, Pearl.


Who’s Stopping You (It’s an Inside Job) with Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, LCSW

May 2, 2017

Based on the working title of her forthcoming book, Who’s Stopping You? – How Your Hidden Inner Selves Hijack Happiness and Sabotage Success – and How to Transform Them into Powerful Allies, in this conversation Bridgit focuses on those of us who work hard toward a goal and find ourselves inexplicitly stuck with the finish line in sight – what she likes to refer to as the final one-eighth of our journey. The first seven-eighths include everything that brought us to this moment of stuckness.

Examples of the first seven-eighths include discovering your passion but not knowing how to manifest it in the world; achieving, but not being able to maintain physical or emotional health; and saying goodbye, but being unsure of what to say hello to.

Tune into Bridgit’s passionate expertise on our relationships with our hidden inner selves!


Bridgit  Dengel Gaspard is the founder of the New York City Inner Voice Dialogue Center and a Senior Practitioner and Professional Trainer of Voice Dialogue. She has presented to the Omega Institute, New York Open Center, NYU Behavioral Health Center, the NASW’s ‘Addiction Institute’ as well as ‘Social Work and the City: Building A Progressive Agenda and Striving for A Better Life for All New Yorkers,’ Columbia University School of Social Work Alumni Association and the NYC Chapter of the International Coach Federation. Bridgit has published numerous articles and specializes in creativity blocks and life transitions, in particular moving to the next level of success. Toward that end she is expanding her chapter in The Voice Dialogue Anthology into a book that focuses on people who work hard toward a goal and find themselves inexplicably (and intransigently) stuck in sight of the finish line. It’s currently titled, Who’s Stopping You? How Your Hidden Inner Selves Hijack Happiness and Sabotage Success—and How to Transform Them into Powerful Allies.


Under the Covers: Capitalism, Conscious Healing and Masculinity with Kent Frazier

April 4, 2017

Under the Covers was born when Kent Frazier realized that the tune he’d been carrying for so long – his way of approaching music and life as “The Way of the Celebrated Cover Guy” – was no longer acceptable.  

 It is an intimate conversation with the self, a conversation about getting real and finding one’s own voice, and sharing it unabashedly from the heart. It is a conversation that unfolds when a man has the courage to really look at what’s hidden beneath the layers he’s wrapped around himself in order to feel safe – to fully open his heart to the audience members who sit as witness, watching him stand in his own spotlight.

In Kent’s own words: “…my life as a musician playing other people’s music, my life as a leader evangelizing other people’s material, and my life in general wanting and needing the applause and approval of others to feel like I am enough no longer sounded good to me, and needed to be set free.” 

Under the Covers extends the unnerving yet provocative invitation to men to find their precious notes, attempt to sing the song they’ve been avoiding, and uncover the essence of unnecessary suffering. In doing so, every man can begin to nurture “his self” with loving kindness, reveal his true nature and offer it to others as his own verse in the universal song of Life.